Comments on Alexander Franklin Mayer's Theory of Everything
David Ashley
April 21, 2007

If you visit this site: you'll see Alexander Franklin Mayer's website. He makes available (as of the time of this writing) a 33 megabyte PDF file which is his book, The Many Directions of Time. In that book Mayer describes flaws in Einstein's theories of Special and General Relativity, which give rise to subtle effects on very large scales.

Mayer introduces a great deal of evidence. He presents arguments against theories that involve dark matter and Energy, he asserts black holes are not points of infinite density, but end up being worm-holes to another point in this universe. He asserts the universe is finite but unbounded; if you go far enough in any direction, you end up back where you started. He asserts the redshift of distant objects is not due to their velocity away from us, but instead is a result of the different direction of time the distant space is associated with.

He asserts there was no big bang, which is the theory that everything in this universe started as an infinitely hot and dense point. He asserts the universe is very much older than the currently believed age of around 14 billion years. In fact he speculates the universe might have existed forever, always changing, never running down.

When matter gets too dense, enough to form a black hole, instead it opens up a worm-hole to the point on the other side of the universe. Out of that will spew the matter falling into the worm-hole. It will spray out as a jet, a situation where very hot material will quickly cool as well as undergo a very speedy reduction in pressure and density. Mayer asserts these conditions are ideal to tear apart heavy atoms into their constituent particles -- protons and helium nuclei. Thus matter could be recycled indefinitely, getting built up into heavier and heavier elements, and when enough of that forms a dense enough blob, it spews out and gets converted back to the lightest elements.

Mayer asserts efforts to synchronize clocks on earth will never work, and shows evidence of failed attempts. Each clock at various points on earth will have its own direction of time. From the point of view of each clock, all other clocks will be running slow. As such there can be no single time that all observers can agree on.

This effect (according to Mayer) manifests itself within the Global Positioning System (GPS). The master clock for GPS is somewhere in the continental US. At the opposite side of the globe to this master clock is an anomalous hole. According to GPS devices there, someone standing at sealevel registers as being 50 or more feet underwater. Mayer asserts this is due to the effect of time being different for the two different points on earth.

The book is an exhaustive collection of experimental and observational evidence. Again and again he offers logical, believable explanations for what is observed. I'm not an astrophysicist, but all in all it looks reasonable to me. And I certainly am not a fan of dark matter, the big bang, or an endlessly expanding universe. I very much want Mayer's theories to be correct, or at least something similiar that will get rid of the things I don't like about prevaling theories.

If you search google for Alexander Franklin Mayer, you'll find a few blogs that mention him, a few people have made some inane, half-witty comments, but there is no intelligent discussion to speak of. There are no sites that discuss AFM's theory from a scientific standpoint. It's more of, "Is this for real?" No one seems to be attempting to confirm or refute AFM's theories.

Instead it's as if no one has even heard of AFM's website or his theories.

Back in February 2006 timeframe there was an article on with a link to AFM's website at the time. At that time AFM was making available a few smaller PDF files that were two lectures, explaining his theory. It was at that time that I became interested in his theory. Since that time AFM appears to have been working under a grant from the Pritzker family, and has completed the aforementioned book, The Many Directions of Time.

After the slashdot article linked to AFM's area, the site was knocked out (the slashdot effect puts such a strain on the server that it might fail, or at least bog down). It eventually recovered, and AFM setup his website. At the time, February-March 2006 timeframe I did google searches and found pretty much the same thing as I described: a few blogs mentioned AFM's theory and website, but reader comments are just stupid jokes, and very little serious discussion.

It's like the scientific community doesn't even know what the internet is. Why hasn't there been any discussion of AFM's theories? He tells a good story. If he's right, a lot of money and people's time is getting wasted pursuing dead-end research.

Anyway that's all I've got to say about this story. I'd urge you to visit and have a look for yourself. If you know any astrophysicists, tell them about it as well. It would be nice to get some closure on this thing, one way or the other.

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